Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If Only...

I know I mentioned in my dear letters last week that my 2 oldest grandchildren had taken first place in their Inspirations contest at school. 

Miss L's entry was 3rd-5th Grade Digital Art.  (she is in 3rd grade)  She took a picture of the snow at the side of the house using her camera.  She uploaded it to Photobucket and changed the color of it to brown.  She titled hers
'Snow Into Hot Fudge' 
And said, "If only snow was hot fudge."  Writing on her entry form that she liked the thought of opposites for her entry.


Mr. C's entry was K-2nd Grade 3D Art.  (he is in 1st grade)  He used the  collection of rocks me and my husband bought him a couple of years ago.  His dad hot glued the rocks where Mr. C wanted.  He then placed each rock where he wanted it on a piece of wood.  He titled it
'Crystal Candle' 
and related it to the theme saying, "If only the flame was real fire."

I am so proud of my grandkids.  I would have never have had the nerve at their ages to try something for a contest like that.