Tuesday, January 4, 2011



It's Tuesday.  Which means it's time for our Dear..... letters.  Be they mean or nice, we are telling those people in letter form how we are feeling.  If you want to play along, just grab the code over there on the side and come back and link up.  
With that, I will begin.
Dear Pick Up Drivers On Snowy Icy Roads.   There is a reason the majority of us are going slow.  See that white stuff all over the road.  That is called snow.  It is made out of water and cold air.  Oh, you don't see any snow on the road?  Did you notice it was a little more of a shiny black?  That is called black ice.  When you hit said ice, you are going to skid all over the place and possibly hurt someone.  I don't care that you have a big, bad pickup truck raised up to here.  You are not invincible.  Take your little man syndrome, and do us all a favor and slow the hell down.
Dear Tobacco Spitting Customer Dude At Work.  Please do not spit your freaking, awful, gross, disgusting "spit" in the garbage can by the coffee maker.  Especially if I am in there grabbing something.  And especially don't do it 3 times while I'm standing there.  I'm beginning to think a lot of men in this world were raised by wolves.  Please do your spitting elsewhere.  Like in your truck.  :)
Dear Insulin.  You are very expensive when I buy you every 3 months. $314.00 expensive.  I do appreciate that you keep me alive so I'm not too upset, but during December it puts a big dent in our Christmas spending. 
Dear Insurance.  I am very thankful that I have you.  Unlike a lot of Americans that don't.  Thanks for saving me $1371.00 on my insulin buying in December.  Without you I wouldn't have been able to spoil my grandkids.  Too bad that some politicians think that a health plan is wrong.  I understand that if I lose my insurance, I will probably lose my life.  Oh well, C'est la vie.
Dear Adam.  Yes, you Adam, who works in our corporate location.  It totally was awesome yesterday when you taught me how to put the little dash above the e.   Even tho I can't get it to work on here.  It rocked my world.  By the way, have I ever told you that I really like your southern accent.  Just sayin.
 Dear Ear Infections, Asthma And Awful Sounding Coughs.  Leave my grandchildren alone!!!!  I'm going to track you down and kick you to infinity and beyond.  You had better run and hide.   You pissed me off one too many times.