Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 1.30.11

Confession time.  My photo taking mojo just wasn't in the best mode a week ago, so I didn't do last Sunday's Scavenger Hunt.  But this week I'm back in fine form.  Ok, my form, but I'm back.  Give me a break.

If you would like to see other fine photo taking abilities of the same subjects head on over to Ashley's place at Ramblings And Photo's.  There are so many amazing photographers out there.  I feel privileged to be part of the group.

Thank goodness a rep brought in pastries this past week.  As I walked past the box, I heard something calling my name.  "Dazee, Dazee, I'm here for my photo shoot".  I'm usually not a big turnover fan, unless of course they are my favorite cherry, but I thought this was a great texture opportunity. 

I was actually thankful to see fog yesterday morning.  I was starting to get worried about being able to get some kind of photo.  All sorts of ideas were floating through my head.  I love the quiet of the mornings in my city, and this was right across the street. 

I decided to think outside the box on the "button" prompt.  This is the button you push to open the doors at the bank.  I told my favorite tellers that I was going to be taking a photo when I left so not to get all weirded out.  David, teller extraordinaire, told me that there is actually a little button behind the big button that gets pushed.  So I included the picture.

It's the tiny little button in the center.
A customer sitting in his car on his phone must have thought I was weird.  Good thing you already know that. :)

 Beverage or Drink
This prompt wasn't that easy to come up with this week.  So I went with my old standby.  My morning cup of coffee.  Ok, weekend cup, I don't make me any before I go to work.  Plus I love the awesome cup that my cousin gave me.  It matches the colors of my kitchen. 
When I first saw this prompt, I was, great.  How am I going to do something 70's?  Then yesterday, my brain once again kicked in.  Duh, Dazee, you were in high school during the seventies.  I've always wondered why I saved my yearbooks all this time.  Thank goodness my senior yearbook had the date as proof. 

There you go.  Another week down.  Next weeks prompts are:

Page 25 of a Magazine

Those look like an interesting week of photo taking.