Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Her Unfair Life"

Jenny Matlock

Saturday Centus time.  And little Miss Jenny I'm going to make it hard on you once again Matlock has decided to change it up, yet again.  Instead of 100 words plus the prompt for our story, well, in her own words,

"Your SC can be a story of your choosing - fact, fiction, or poetry but this week you will only have twenty-five words (plus the three words for the prompt) for your story."

Isn't she just all kinds of sweet. 

And I'm off.  The prompt will be the larger words in the story. 
(aah, hmmm, just clearing my throat a little.)
“Life is so unjust“, she screamed, as she crumpled up the lottery ticket with the winning numbers. Her husband and the Witness Protection Program continued to ruin everything.

You guys should really try your hand at this.  It's easy *snicker*