Monday, January 10, 2011

Field Trip - The Weird Shoppe

So the thing is, I had two things on my mind this morning.  The freaking hatred in our nation, and trying to cheer up from the never ending snow we are receiving here in the great city of Salt.  Disclaimer, please do not go on this field trip if you get disgusted by my humor.  You have been warned. :)

Today's field trip is to the little shop on the corner call, Ye Of All Things Weird.  Please remember to be good little boys and girls and keep your hands to yourselves.  I'm sure some of your parents wouldn't want you to bring home any of the following items that you accidentally broke

First we have this, ummm, pencil sharpener.  I have a confession to make.  If I were to actually see this in my candy office supply store, I would probably buy it.  And think of certain people I work with while doing the sharpening act. giggle, snort.

Another item for the office supply loving person.  I would totally buy this.  Especially because I work for a plumbing supply wholesaler.  I mean, dudes and dudedettes, it's a freaking toilet catching the paper clips.  Awesome.

We are now moving into the kitchen gadgets section.  If you are like me, you just love to separate eggs.  This little item is on the edge of awesome yet gross.  I really want to see this item work in person. 

For all those wannabe knife throwers out there, here is the item for you.  Honestly, who came up with this idea?  I love it.

I totally want these cups for my next party.  Nuff said.

If I were a smoker, this would be the ashtray for me.  I kind of like it in the, "what am I doing to my lungs" kind of way.

Now, for all you runners out there.  Please, for the love of my eyes, DO NOT BUY THIS JOGGING OUTFIT.  And please direct your throw up into the nearest garbage can and not all over your screen.

Gag, puke, wiping mouth.

Back on the bus, you rowdy kids.