Friday, January 28, 2011

Stupid, Dumb, Lawsuits

I'm sure you have heard all about the dude that is suing Taco Bell because of the "meat" statements they make.  Honestly people, get a clue.  You are paying around a freaking dollar for a taco.  I pay more because I make is a supreme, cuz I'm like that.  :)

I mean, come on stupid lady that put the McDonald's cup of HOT coffee between her legs and proceeded to spill it.  Even dumber, the judge that awarded her money.  It's a good thing I'm not a judge.  This would have been my statement. 

"Hahahaha, hehehehe, snort, hohohohoho, you are telling me that you are a dumbass and did this?  Get out of my court, you have brought a frivolous lawsuit".  "Guards, take her away!!"
I'm going to bring a lawsuit against the stupid "high faluting" restaurants.  Yeah, you heard me.  First of all, if you have to wait for 3 months to get into said high faluting restaurant, then you are playing into their, "I'm so cool, look at me" attitude. 

Secondly, you bring me out a plate that looks like this........

Clap, Clap.  Oh goodie.  Look at this.  It's so pretty.  By the way, what is this?  I thought I ordered the Halibut.  Oh, it's halibut (go with me on this people, I really don't know what that is).  You want me to pay how much for this?  (because they haven't put the price on the menu).  One hundred and fifty bucks!!!! You have got to be kidding me!!!  But, but, someone dropped snot on the plate, can't you see it.  Oh, it's a design? 

Me,  small town, small mind type of gal.  I'm sticking to the dollar taco bell, whatever it is made out of, taco.   And I'm putting my mild sauce on it, and I'm going to enjoy it.