Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Men At Work - Not The Group

While driving home from work last night, I was forced to listen to the local news radio because, well, I hate listening to the music stations anymore and the station I listen to in the morning, has alternative music after my radio from hell show,  and after a long, hard, frustrating day at work, I'm not needing that kind of music in my life.   

The afternoon guy drives me freaking crazy.  With all his umms and umms and umms.  First of all, dude, you are on radio, you are reading crap off of a computer or paper.  I'm not sure, I don't work in radio.  If I were to read say, my blog aloud, I would just be reading it.  Wouldn't need to add any umms.  Its the freaking news.
But I'm not just going to pick on the radio dude.  News anchors have a problem reading the teleprompter too.  And if the teleprompter all of the sudden has a freak out, they are all lost.  Honestly people, I "listen" to you and can remember the story you are talking about.  You start to panic, fumbling through papers.  "And then, ummm, the killer, ummmm, ran", papers shuffling like crazy.  I want to scream to them.  "He ran through the backyard, hid in the shed and the police got him".  How hard was that dude?  Not very.  It also makes me wonder if these news people have a hard time having a conversation at their dinner tables.  "Susie, ummmm, shuffle, shuffle, how was, ummm, now where was it you were at today, oh yeah, school".  Just sayin.
Speaking of men at work.  Yesterday I wasn't feeling all that hot.  Think I might be trying to catch the blasted cold that my grandkids have.  But, I am woman, hear me roar.  Off to work I go.  Get there and one of my co-workers is "sick".  *said with whiny voice*.  Oh poor baby, I'm thinking to myself.  All day long, he kept coming into my office, begging me with his sad eye looks to ask him how he was feeling.  I wasn't in the mood to play nice.  So I ignored him.  Not ignored, like not talking to him at all, but I never once asked, "how you feeling you big baby".  Men, I love you.  I promise.  But dang, when you are sick you are the biggest whiners around.  Except for my hubby, whom I have to say is awesome when he is sick.  He doesn't complain.  I will baby him.  He deserves it. 
I found this video on youtube, and honestly, it is so true.
Now remember all my male followers.  I love men, just try to be big boys when you are sick.  mmk.  Thanks