Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Problem On Zenith

Jenny Matlock

Time once again for Saturday Centus.  Why, because I like to torture myself.  Remember, this fine writing meme is sponsored by Jenny Matlock.  A little letter for Jenny.  (and no, it couldn't wait for my Dear..... meme on Tuesday).

Dear Jenny,
I do not like science fiction.  Don't even read the books or watch the shows.  This prompt was very much out of my comfort zone.  I know, you like to make us use what little brain cells we have, but please, in the future, no more science fiction.  Mmmkkkk.  

This weeks prompt is "Beam Me Up Scottie".  I triple dog dare any of you that don't do this meme to try it.  Triple dog.  Scared aren't ya.

“Captain” exclaimed Sasha, “we have a problem on Zenith in the bilateral zone”.

She had been staring at her monitor all morning. All at once, there was an incoming flight. But the thing was, no flights were scheduled.

She zoomed the camera in, to see what the approaching item was. It was a carrier from Zenon. They were not allowed on their planet. She pressed the emergency button, and saw the creatures departing their plane. She started screaming into her headset, “beam me up Scottie”, when a horrible looking creature ran through the door, gun aimed at her chest and then....................
she woke up.

Yikes, I'll never sell this story.  But hey, I gave it the ole college try.  (yet another saying that makes you wonder where in the hell did it come from)

Here's hoping next week's is something I can handle.