Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 1.9.11

Time again for Scavenger Hunt Sunday hosted by Ashley at Ramblings & Photos.  I really enjoyed the prompts this week because it really made me think about what I wanted pictures of.

This is Me
I'm such the hard worker.  haha, snort.  It was so cold in my office one day that I went out and grabbed my gloves.  Yeah, they're purple.  Notice all the other purple surrounding me.
Idiot drivers.  My one and only resolution was to not have road rage on Sundays.  Notice the snow covered back window of the car.  The laziness of some people not cleaning off their windows.  Sorry about the quality, I took this picture while driving.  What?

This picture was drawn by my six year old grandson, Mr. C.  The smiling object is the sun, the object by it is the meteor breaking up the fight with the moon on the other side of it.  The yellow object with red spots is a star rupturing.  The animal on the grass is a lion with a long tail.  He told me what each and everything was, I wrote it on there and dated the picture.  I will always treasure it. 
This is my granddoggy Zooey.  She's trying to be all innocent about chewing up the wall.  Ha, right Zooey.

What better items of primitive but those of how music was made before Ipods.  I've mentioned that my husband has a vast record collection.  I would say between albums, 45's, cassettes, 8-tracks and cd's he has well over 20000 items.  And yes, he has all the equipment to play them too.

This was a fun week.  Try this meme.  It is awesome.  Especially if you love taking photos.

Next weeks prompts are:

A Different View 
Looking Up 

Yikes, looks like this is going to be a hard week coming up.  Must get my thinking cap freshened up and on.