Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dear........ 1.25.11


It's Tuesday already.  I mean, really, time is flying.  What is up with that.  And just a friendly reminder, Christmas is only 11 months from today. :)

We all know that Tuesday is the day of our Dear...... letters.  Ok, it's my day of them, and my 2 regulars Renee and Baby Sister.  (don't you love how I just shamed both of them to make sure they do them)

If this is your first time here, Dear...... letters are letters to anyone, good or bad, that we would like to tell them what's on our mind.  Grab the button code over there, write your letters and then come on back and link up. 

Dear Dudes With The White Crap On The Corners Of Your Mouth.  Do you not feel stuff there while you are talking?  You are grossing me out.  While I'm bringing this out in to the open, I also get really grossed out by the strings of white spit that sticks to your top lip and bottom lip and flaps around while you are talking to me.  Pardon me if I start barfing all over you.

Dear New Buildings Going Up In My Town.  Would you please place a sign saying what you are going to be when you grow up.  The suspense is starting to get to me.  I can only guess so many things.  If you are going to be a bank or gas station, I'm going to be really sad.  Please be a McDonald's, Cafe Rio, or Taco Bell. 

Dear Word Verification.  I understand why some people use you.  What I don't understand is, if I don't get it right the first time, you take it upon yourself, to put it bigger, blaring out at me like you are yelling, no dummie, it wasn't unwbyet, try this you idiot, WhammoWell, wordie, can I call you that, I feel we are getting so close now, could you please just put it in big, easy to read letters in the first place.  I would really appreciate it.

Dear Adam and Machaelle.  I know that you both live vicariously through my blog.  I think it is cute.  And because of my never ending, eternal like for you both, I'm showing your "pronounce this" to my friends.  You guys owe me big time.

There you have it.  That was fun, and I'm feeling so much better.  Now it's your turn.  Come on, you can do it, I have faith.