Saturday, October 8, 2011

All About The Pigskin, Or Is It?

Jenny Matlock

Jenny, with all her tangents, has come up with yet another fine prompt for us this week.   Usually the rules are the same, but sometimes she changes them.  This week, she didn't.  Phew.  We get 100 words, plus the 3 words of the prompt, which is in blue.  


“Oh great, another night of  Friday Night Football”, Jaynece sighed.  What she really wanted to do was go to that new haunted house, but Bernard was all about the pigskin.

“Fine”, she said out loud, “I’ll just go by myself”.

When she arrived, there were ambulances everywhere.  What was up with that?  The murmurings from the crowd kept saying that someone had been killed.

As the paramedics came running out with a person on the gurney, she tried to get a closer look.  Maybe she knew who it was.  

"Oh my god", she screamed, it was Bernard, but he was at the game……..

Are you going haunted housing?

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  1. Oops...sounds like the double whammy for jaynece. Nice raiser ending!