Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Spy ... 10.6.11


Time for I spy.  The weekly photo meme that is hosted by the ever lovely Christy at My Mad Mind and myself.  We are not professionals, we just love to take random photo's of things.  PLEASE join in the fun.  We want to see how you are letting your imaginations be your guide.  Just remember, we give you one prompt, and the other is always Your Choice.

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 You gotta love construction.  I myself love the stupid signs like "Do Not Follow Trucks".  Now, I know that it is the construction trucks, but my mind is not normal.  Also, living in the wild, wild west, everyone and their dog drive pick-em-up trucks.  9 times out of 10 I'm behind one of those trucks when I pass this sign.  

Mini rant here.  
Has anyone else noticed that pickup truck drivers either think they own the road, drive super slow, or have them jacked up so high with huge tires that "little man syndrome" is totally at work?  Just wondering.

I LOVE this door.  It is at our local state owned and run liquor store.  The first time I saw this was on a Sunday, and totally thought that woman was just needing some booze bad.  From "afar" you can't tell it's not real.  And according to my daughter in law, When you are coming out the doors, it is the front part of her.  I totally wanted to go in and ask if I could take a photo of it, but I didn't think of it in time.   Apparently the wording on the back of her sweater is
Getting alcohol is hard for kids
Alrighty then.   Here I just thought it was some woman needing a fix.

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