Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yup, Weirdness Runs In The Family

When I was a senior in high school, my brover was born.   Yeah, I know, get up off the floor and read on.  And yes, we have the same parents with only one mother.  There are nine of us kids in the fam damily.  I am the second oldest, and he is the baby.  When he tries to give me crap, I ever so nicely remind him that I used to change his diapers.  Works every time.

He lives in Texas, so seeing him is a rarity.  He came into town yesterday for business.  Asked me to go to dinner with him.  I of course will never turn down food.  

I shot this photo after we got into the car.  He had to email his boss so I grabbed my camera, pointed it at him and this is the face he pulled.  Have I mentioned, I love this guy!!!!!

We went to a place in downtown Salt Lake that I have never been.  
The Copper Onion.   The sweet potato tart was to die for.  We both gave the whole experience a thumbs up.

As you can see in the next photo, I tried to burn the menu.  They had little candles on the tables, and silly me, sat it right down on top of it.  Good thing little brover smelled it.  Could have been an exciting time.  But hey, maybe some really hot firemen would have rescued us.  :)
I know you are thinking to yourself, "how did he smell that it was burning", (or not)  Well, apparently, when he was a kid, he would roll up toilet paper, then wrap it with paper and "smoke" it.  It brought back fond memories for him.  Ok, maybe not fond, but he smelled it before me.  And isn't it funny what you learn about your siblings and own kids when they are adults.  

After dinner and chatting, we found our way to the parking garage elevator.  Good times.  Neither of us could remember what level we had parked on.  There were so many "reserved" parking spots on each level that we had to keep going and going.
He pushes the button for level 4.  Door opens, we look out because the one thing we could remember was that we could see the car from the elevator.  Nope, not that level.  I said, "I think it's level 5".  So we head on up to 5.  I get out to look.  No car again.  What the?  We actually had parked on level 3.  We were giggling by the time we got out of the elevator.  

I miss that kid.  I think I must plan a trip to Texas.  
(and no Mr. Dazee, you didn't just read that, it's a figment of your imagination)

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  1. Love it!!! Love his cheesy grin!! Glad you enjoyed the Copper Onion!!! Miss you!!!