Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Ups and Downs

Oh my goodness, Miss Jenny is going to be soooo mad.  I am so late turning in this weeks report.   I know I can slip it on her desk without her noticing.  She's busy reading all the others.  

The subject matter this week is the Letter Y.  
Y did I have such a hard time coming up with a word.  I think it is because I just didn't have my mojo going.  

I'm going to talk about life vs a yo-yo.  
That Donny Osmond was a heartthrob when I was a teenager.   I admit it, he made me swoon.

How is my life like a Yo-Yo?

Just like that yo-yo, I have up moments.  Those days that I feel like I can do anything, and I'm happy and life is just good.

Then there are the down moments.  When I feel so low and think that no one really gives a crap about me. The world seems to be out to get me.  

Sometimes I spin out of control and have to take my life by the string and wrap it back up and tell myself that I can handle it.  

There are time I have to take a walk, and get away from the craziness.

When I snap out of it, I know, no matter how I wrap the yo-yo life around, it is a good life.  I wouldn't change it for anything.   The good, the bad, the laughter, the tears, being broke, not being broke.   As long as I learn as I go, it's all good.  

Jenny Matlock

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