Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Your Comments, My Replies, Oh And Today I'm Broccoli

According to
"And God spake unto the trees, commanding them to become deadly weapons available only to parents of small children everywhere"

Yuppers, that's me today.  I'm sharing with your some of my comment love after the last 2 days of downer posts.   I love you guys, You bring me back to my happy place.  

First up, lets start with yesterday's post about my boyfriend.  This little segment, I'm calling


Stop rubbing it in my face that I pale in comparison 
Mark Our Simple Lives
Dearest Mark.  You know, I think you are a stud.  You are both eye candy.  Ok.  Feeling better now?

OK, we are gonna have to scarp over Shemar
AngelShrout at A Tall Drink of Sweet Tea
Oh Angel, you know I will win.  He is MINE.  Step back sister!!!!! (ps:  I totally had to look up the word scarp.  ummm, yeah)

Oh Shemar Moore should not be allowed outdoors!!! He knows how to make a grown woman cry!!!!
Rainbow at Rainbow's Daily Life
Wow, ain't it the truth.  My heart goes all a'flutter when I see him.

Lets move on to 
Segment Two


Hey! Don't stifle my buddy! Her opinions are what keep me going every day.  Now knock it off!
Christy My Mad Mind
Yeah, what she said!  I am broccoli, I will become deadly.  Or, just tell them how I really think of them.  Which might make them cry.  Boo Freaking Hoo.

Ohhh can I pull that tape off!!!!!
Joey!  That would hurt.  Then I would have to punch you in your manly bits and then you would be all, stop it beotch.  (hahah, I was told to let it all out)

Oh.  Man...please don't show this to my husband...he may do this to me one day.  LOL
Kimberly at All Work And No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something
You know what Kimberly, I would come up and hit him if he did that.  Yeah, I'm one mean piece of broccoli!!!!  Not to mention, then I could protest in front of that piece of shit hospital that is giving you grief.

Take that ridiculous tape off your mouth and speak your damn mind're scaring me.  Don't let the bad guys win.
Ok, Ok.  It's off.  And I'm speaking my mind.  And you are going to like it!!!!  And if you don't, tough-shit-toly

Take the tape off and let loose!!
Madeline at The Charming Mad Chatter
Ok Madeline, I know you by Madeline, but for the life of me, I can't always remember the name of people's blogs.  Please comment and give me your link so I can let other people know you.  As far as letting loose, well, here goes.  I'm going to tell these people around here that they are big fat freaking do-do heads.  Yeah, I said it!
Dear Madeline.  Thank you for reminding me of your site.  I hate it that I know peoples names, and can't remember their sites.  I'm old, ok.  Really.  I love you.  Will you forgive me.

LOL... I find it hard to believe that even duct tape can stop ya!  LOL
upinthecosmos at The Voices Within Unleashed
Freak, same here.  I know your name.  Have gone over and over the people I follow and hells bells, what is the name of your blog?  Freak, it sucks having my brain.  (Secret, I was still able to speak under the duck tape.  haha)
ta-da, and she totally told reminded me of her blog name.  Woo Hoo

That musta been some kinda strong tape
bodaciousboomer at Bodacious Boomer
Not strong enough for this gal.  Really.  One guy here is going to get the full effect of me telling him he must know where the bodies are buried before this week is over.  Oh, yeah, It's on like donkey Kong

Thanks again for telling me to shape up.  I hate it when I'm all Downer Dazee.  I must got now.  I hear my Keurig calling

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