Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Spy ... 10.13.11


Welcome all you photo takers that are too scared to show them off.  Wait.  Let me start over.  
Welcome all you cool and awesome peeps that are going to link up today to this fabulous meme called I Spy.  Brought to you by my partner in crime Christy at My Mad Mind, and myself.  And believe me, you do not want to see her mind get mad.  Just warning ya.

Grab that there little code over there on the side.......see it........there it is........waiting for you..........
Get your photo groove on and link on up.   Remember, we are not professionals.  We are average Joe-ettes, just taking photos because its fun.  You can use any type of camera.  We are so easy.  

And now, without further ado....


This house is just down the street from me.  
Did you read it?  bwaa-haha-hahaha.  I'm so on a roll today.
This is the shot from the side
The close up shot you can see a face, and on the last board it says, 
19 and board.  Yeah, 19 and hope you get caught defacing property is more like it.  
I Kid.  (or do I?)

Last week we had a huge storm come through.  I shot this photo from work.  The contrast in the colors were awesome.  The clouds were as black as could be, then there were white clouds, and the snow on the beautiful mountains.  I was so excited that I caught this one.

There you have it.  Next weeks prompts are:

Your Choice

Now I know that you all have playgrounds around you, be them school or park, or heck, even your back yard.  Get your camera, get brave and link on up.

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