Thursday, October 13, 2011

Introducing, The Grandpets

Thursday, one day closer to Friday.  Say it with me.......Yee-Haw.  

I knew right off what this weeks report was going to be all about.  

My Grandpets.



Zooey is a rambunctious little thing.  Oh my, she will run you ragged.  
She lived all alone for a couple of years.  Then one day, her mom and dad decided that she needed a playmate.  They went to the local animal shelter and got acquainted  with all the little kitties.  Frankie and my daughter in law hit it right off.   When they took him home, he was a little thing.   
Zooey at first didn't know if she would like him.  But before long, they became good friends.  In fact, Frankie now thinks that he is a dog.  He loves the water, which is one thing our cats NEVER EVER LOVED.   He will also do a lot of the dirty work for her.  Since he can jump up on the counters, he will get up there and push something off, like straws, for the 2 of them to play with.  So Freaking Cute.

So Now, I present you with a photo array of my grandpets.  Enjoy.   Yes, a grandma can even show off pictures of her grandpets.  It's the rules of being a grandparent.

They love to cuddle with each other, and they love the blankets.


The proud grandma and student of all things alphabet


Jenny Matlock

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  1. So how many treats did you pay them to look all cuddly like that? Eh? Eh?!!