Friday, October 7, 2011

You Have Crossed The Fracking Line

I love Friday.  L.O.V.E. it.  But enough about that, it's that time once again to join up with Christy and Boobies for our weekly purging of anger issues.  And boy am I pissed about a few things this week.

Dear Credit Manager at my work.  Really dude.  I do NOT run my office like you run yours.  I go through every piece of paper that people leave on my desk.  Imagine this.  There might be something important that NEEDS TO BE DONE.  Unlike you, I get my stuff done because I can't stand clutter on my desk.  I also read all my emails as they come in, and listen to my voicemails.  Honestly, did you really need to live this payment on my CHAIR.  I would have seen it.  You are Fracking weird.  Just sayin.

Guess What Fruit Flies?  I am the master ninja at getting you.  You think you can flit and fly all around my face.  Frack you.  I've killed 6 of your clan this week, with you, yes you, that I actually snapped this photo of, today.  Don't even try it.  
I WILL WIN!!  (ps, I just got another one, Fruit Flies 0, Dazee 7)

Dear YouTube.  You fracking bug the crap out of me.  I have my own CD's. (ok, Mr. Dazee does).  I make my video's unlisted.  Only the people that are cool enough to visit my blog get to see them.  But oh no, we will turn the sound off, you have used someone elses music.  You are fracksticks.  I have seen other people use the same song.  What?  Yes, as I was looking up the song I wanted to use.  Frackers.  TURN BACK ON MY MUSIC!!!!!

Time to vote out EVERYONE in Congress and the House.  They do not care about us, the little people.  They don't care that people are getting laid off from their jobs.  They don't care that those same people try to get unemployment but they have a part time job, that they needed to keep their family afloat, so we won't give you your unemployment check this week.  Oh, you need help?  Sorry, your finances aren't right.  Oh, and you don't qualify for medical help either.  I saw this picture on one of my facebook friends.  I so agree.  There are a few things about our "elected" officials.  They wouldn't like it if they didn't have great paychecks, the best health insurance that OUR MONEY can buy, or their own children HAD TO GO TO WAR.  
F R A C K   Y O U   
I'm going to go vote this year, just to vote against all the incumbents.

Phew, that was very liberating.

Now, one more thing.
Did you all forget that yesterday was I spy?  Hum?  I was so sad that we only had 3 people link up.  I know you guys have it in you.  Do you see the huge tears falling down my face?
Go out, my dear photo friends.  Take that camera, or camera phone (because I know most of you have those), and snap away.
You do not want me to go all Ninja girl on you, now do you.
Because, I will.....
If you don't believe me, take a look again at that poor fruit fly above.

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