Friday, October 14, 2011

Some Off The Wall Thinking And Shoegasms

A Daft Scots Lass

You know, when you get into your moments, of thinking.  What?  Quit laughing.  I have those moments ok.  Geez.  Two things before I show you this weeks shoes.  

I really do not feel old most of the time.  I think of myself as in the late 20's.  I act like I'm that age too.  But lately, when I answer questions on behalf of Mr. Dazee, I feel super old when the question is asked, age of spouse.  When I enter 54, it just makes me feel like my mother.  Which in of itself is a scary thing.  

Yesterday, I needed to make a call to my good blogging pals Noelle and Baby Sister.  Remember when I went to their place of business to look at playground bark, and met them, and was a goon ball and cried.  Well, it is finally time to have the bark bought and delivered.  Mr. Dazee asked me to call because, well, they are my friends.  I make the call and when the phone is answered, I ask for Noelle or Baby Sister (but I used her real name).  

Do you know how odd it felt to not ask for her by the name Baby Sister, and even odder when she answer and I said, "Hi her real name Baby Sister, this is my real name Dazee?  She even had to stop and think for a minute.  Too funny.  

But you didn't stop in for my weird thoughts, you came here to see shoes.  And shoes I have for you this week.  I'm sure a lot of you have seen the following shoes, but heck.  Tis the season to be freaky, am I right, or am I right?

Do you think you would "slip" alot in this pair?

How about feeling like you needed to get your laundry done?

Ummm, ouch 


A couple of dogs

I like this pair better


Wouldn't you be constantly hungry?

There are some of you I could totally see in this next pair.  And you all know who you are.

You could wear these with your "Joker" costume

But I totally saved the best for last.  I freaking love this pair.

There ya go.  Some weird thoughts and weird shoes.  
Because that's the way I roll

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