Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flasher On The Loose

Here is the City Of Salt

There is a flasher on the loose.  Described as an older, bald, not thin man, hiding up in the trees in the local Millcreek Canyon, jumping up and showing off to the hikers/bikers/runners.

This morning on the news, they called him a serial flasher.  
(because he keeps doing it)

You all know that I just can't leave it at that.
My warped, weird mind actually SAW the following picture.

(please disregard my bad photo shopping skills)

Poor innocent cereal boxes.  They just don't deserve that.
If you happen to buy a box of cereal that is having problems.  Just talk to it.  Let it know it's all right.  It will soon be going to a better place.  

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