Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Spy - Playgrounds


I am so excited for today's prompts.  Ok, I'm excited every week.  Who am I trying to fool.

I Spy, a fun photo meme hosted by Christy at My Mad Mind and myself.  We are normal everyday women that just love to take photo's and share them with you.  We hope every week that more and more of your will join up.  My faith is working overtime.  So please, grab the code over there on the right side, post your photo prompts, and link on up.  We want to see what you got.  Remember, it can be from any type of camera, all we want is for you to have taken the photo.  Easy peasy.  

This weeks prompts are:

I couldn't just post one photo today of parks.  There are so many types of different parks.

This is the exercise park at my doctors medical building. 

The city where I live has a plethora of parks.  We pay a monthly fee to the city for the upkeep, but it is quite cool to just be able to go a few blocks and find a different one.
This is the splash park.  My grandkids and cousins kids had a fun time here.  There is also a regular playground there too, but most the kids love to play in the water.

This park is actually really close to my house.  I can see it from my front porch.  

Right up the slope to the above playground is a fishing pond.  They stock it up and you can fish year round.  My son in law said there is catfish and trout in there.   My grandson has picked up the love of fishing from his dad so they go there often.  

Now for my choice. 
 Couldn't just post one of this prompt either.  
Last Saturday my daughters family went to a nearby pumpkin patch to pick out their pumpkins.  They had a face painter there.
Miss L.  She loves the color blue and went with a blue butterfly

Miss A.  I love this giraffe.  So Freaking Cute.  

There you go.  My week of photos.

Next weeks prompts


Looking forward to seeing what you got

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