Friday, October 14, 2011

More Fracking Work Rants

Woo-Hoo, Bug-a-la-boo, it's Friday, Friday, what should we do.  
I tell you what we should do, we should link up with Christy and Boobies for another fabulous rant fest.  Remember at the beginning of the week, I went off on a work related rant.  Well, the last few days have given me some additional Frack Fodder.  

Dear IT guy. 
 Seriously dude.  If and when you really become part of the regular human race, it will be something.  Guess what, I know all of our phone lines are connected for all of our locations.  I know that we rock at our location in the "transfer a call to another location".  I also know, that sometimes when I've had to change the "page" on my phone to another store location to transfer a call, I don't always remember to change it back to our "page".  I also know when I make the mistake of paging over the loud speaker for someone in our location, but by damn, it really went over your locations loud speaker.

You know why you really fracking piss me off?  Because when I do that, you are on the phone within seconds ready to shove it in my face that I paged down there.  Hahaha.  are we 5?  Apparently you are.  Maybe if you would get on the real IT issues as fast as you do letting us know how dumb we are, we would have more respect for you.  Until then, frack off.  

Next.  Oh my goodness.  So I was going to my favorite of all time google images to find an image of a warehouse worker and found this picture.  Imagine my surprise and awe when I clicked on the picture to copy it to my computer.  The webpage for this picture is actually MY BLOG.  Hahaha.  I used this picture when I first started blogging.  How weird is that, and how strange that I forgot.  Ok, not strange, because I am losing my memory.  But hey.  Awesome/
Dear Warehouse Dude
Yeah, you.  Mister Negative and Awesome spoken of here.  I'm so fracking pissed about what you did to the customer yesterday, that you are now again on my fracken friday list.  I'm so glad that you decided that you would lower yourself to even help a cash sale customer.  But then, to make him take his toilet tank he just bought, down the ramp himself, that even some of our guys have a problem going down, and laughing your ass off when the tank fell off and shattered, makes me livid.   Not to mention, letting one of the other counter guys help the poor guy afterwards.  And not only did you laugh, but you fracken came in the office and were whooping and hollering about it.  Like it was such a funny thing.  I'm glad the boss was on the phone, because honestly, if he would have laughed right along with you, not enough duct tape in the world would have stopped me from telling you what I thought about you.   

Rant over.
See you again next Friday
Or Thursday for I Spy
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If you feel like making me happy and stuff.

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  1. Oh heck no...they laughed. If thatwas me, I would have taking thebroken porcelain shards and staved them with it...don't worry...I'm on a new pill for that.