Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh Yeah, Now I Remember

Yet another fast moving weekend.   Makes me remember that I told Mr. Dazee last weekend that I just didn't like weekends anymore.  They always go too fast.  

Do you want to know some other things I remembered this weekend.?

I was reminded of my hatred total dislike of doing dishes.  Yeah, growing up with that huge family and no dishwasher will do that to a person.

I remember now that I really want a maid.  One that loves to do laundry.  And the folding.  And the hanging up.  Just Ick

My son came over the other day to help lay sod.  He is growing a beard.  I was totally reminded harshly asked by my son nicely to please stop saying he looked like a hunk.  What?  Can't a mom say that to her grown son.  Maybe I just like beards.  It also reminds me that you don't ask you teenage son if he is going to go play with his friends.  Oh no, you are supposed to say, hang with them.  Heck.  Note to brain.  Remember this.

I totally remembered my never ending eternal love for McDonalds Carmel Frappe's.  I also learned a new thing to remember.  When sitting next to Mr. Dazee to eat your hamburger, DO NOT put your frappe within arms length of said drink.  He remembered how much he loved them as he was stealing asking for swigs of it.   Strawberry Lemonade or a frappe for him.  Guess what, he drank both.  Because I'm a nice wife and because he was putting grass in our backyard.  

Now, really, go out and remember to have a great Monday.  It might be hard, but you can do it.  Yes you can.  

Don't fight it.  

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