Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess O

Today is Miss O's birthday. 4 years ago, I went to work in the morning. I get to work. Start getting all my stuff ready to take out of my car, grab them, and lock the door, get out, walk into my office and realize, I have just locked my keys in the car. Freakout, because I very rarely do that. I sit down at my desk, and my son calls. Mom, we are on our way to the hospital. Holy canoly, of course. What a great day to lock my keys in the car. I grab one of the girls that used to work there, and she takes me home to get another set of keys.

We play the waiting game. Finally at 10 o'clock that night we get the call. They are calling the doctor and she is getting ready to push. We head to the hospital and luckily the room where it is all happening is right next to a little sitting area. We sat there a minute with the other grandparents, and all of the sudden, mad baby wailing. Oh, what a sweet sound. Finally my son comes out and invites us in to meet little Miss O. And to see my son, holding his own child, was a priceless moment.

This year she is all about princesses. So of course, we had to get her the princess mirror, gloves, purse, and a princess doll she could take in the bath with her. She was in 7th heaven. Did I mention that there is a heart she pushes on the mirror and it talks. "You are the fairest of them all". So cool.

Happy Birthday Little Miss O.

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