Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Flip Offs 6/4/10

Yee-Haw. It's Friday. And that can only mean, besides it being the best work day of the week, it's FRIDAY FLIP-OFFS. Brought to us by the ever loving Gigi at Krudgy Mom, where you can click to go to her post and link on up, or just enjoy other flip-offs.

Dear cold cereal box putter together dudes. WTF? Are you using super glue to melt the plastic together? Used to be you could just pull a little bit at the side. But no, now we have to FIND the sissors to cut the edge off. And if we are lucky, all the cereal won't come flying out of the box when we do finally get it opened. So take this and glue it where the sun don't shine!!!!!!!...........................

Dear Horses. Thank you for the fine crapload of shit you left this morning in front of my house. Do you not realize you have a whole f-ing street to do your business on. Must you have left it right in front of our house. Take your shit elsewhere, and take this............

Dear Hoodlums that don't have anything better to do. So you thought you would string up an egg and let some car let it go flying. How nice that it decided to land in our driveway. Have you ever heard of karma, my little egg sucking wads? What goes around comes around. ha. Someday it will be you. Until then....................................................

Dear Weather People. Yeah, I know you are "meteorologists" or "climatologists". You had to go to school. But you know what? You suck. Memorial Day was supposed to be, according to ALL of you, a beautiful, blue sky, no wind kind of day. Does this look like that to you? Hell no! The day sucked. It was cold, it was windy. I want your job. Apparently you can be wrong 98% of the time, and they don't fire you. You know what you can do with you fabulous schooling?, yeah, that's right ..................................

Dear stairs in my garage that lead up into my house. Thanks for f-ing tripping me on Sunday. First of all you made me look like a complete stupid idiot in front of my hubby. But he rocks, unlike you, and came to my rescue. I hate you. You suck and should die. If I didn't need you, I would take an ax to you until you were pieces of firewood!!!!! This double flip off is for you...................

Whew, feeling so much better now.

Remember, Sunday is FO Sunday, so get your pictures ready and come join in the fun. Click to see last Sunday's first FO Sunday to see what fun you will have.


  1. I soooo hate cereal boxes too!!

  2. funny about the horse shit in front of your house! that must have sucked to clean up!! so sorry!

  3. Horse owners should be required to poop scoop like dog owners when they are out walking.

    Sorry you fell on your stairs, I hope you didn't get hurt.

    Great flip offs.


  4. Wow, those are some excellent flipoffs. Cereal boxes - that one is classic. I love it!

    I also love the pictures of the stairs/damage. Glad hubby was there to rescue you!

  5. I'm glad I am not the only one hacked off at "weathermen" and Mother Nature.

  6. Great flips. Love the accompanying photos as proof. Great idea. Sorry about the stairs. That must have royally sucked.

  7. I loved the cereal box flip off! So true! Same goes for packages of saltines! I've had those fly all over the kitchen before! :)

  8. I totally agree with the weather people! I understand if clouds take a turn and miss you a little, but come on-how can the entire state be cloud free when they say it is going to be severe weather ect.?