Saturday, June 5, 2010

Creative Writer Award, Ah Shucks

Mama Sammi at Mommy's Theories just awarded me this award. Gosh, I'm honored (she says blushing)

First of all here are the rules and regulations. Thanks a bunch Sammi, for giving me this award.

1. Thank the person who gave this to you. (check)

2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog. (check)

3. Link to the person who nominated you. Click here to check out her fun blog. (check)

4. Tell up to six outrageous lies about yourself, and at least one outrageous truth – or – switch it around and tell six outrageous truths and one outrageous lie. (check)

5. Nominate seven “Creative Writers” who might have fun coming up with outrageous lies. (check, plus a few more)

6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate. (check)

7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them or contact them in some way. (check, or working on it)

Alrighty then, lets see how well you all really know me, shall we.

1. I don't have an angry bone in my body.
2. When I was in high school, (in the 70's) I streaked.
3. I love to camp. Give me a tent, no toilets, and dirt floors and I'm extremely happy.
4. I have a secret desire to be an exhibitionist.
5. I'm a member of the mile high club.
6. I've never been drunk.
7. I rock at landscaping. (haha, didn't mean to make a pun out of that)

Wow, that was hard. I'm wondering if any of you will guess which one is true. We shall see in your comments.

Hmmm, who should I give this award to? uno momento as I go look at my people I am following. Talk amongst yourselves, I will give you a subject. Summer Heat.

Ok, I'm back.

Here's the lucky winners of this award. In no particular order.

Shannon at She is so open and honest. I wish I were more like her.

Gigi at, because without her blog, I wouldn't get to do Flip-Off Friday.

Amy at She just makes me laugh.

Noelle at She is so sweet, and so funny. And her husband is gone all the time, and it makes me feel bad for her. Plus, I think it would be hard for her to make up lies. bwaa-ha-ha.

Renee at She has become one of my dear friends in the blogger world. Plus, she is so much like me I want to see her lies.

Angie at She actually reads my blogs, and comments. (I live for comments)

Roxane at She makes me smile. And she has deep feelings about her kids, just like me.

Stacy at She probably doesn't even know I follow her, but her post are always so fun.

Mary at I just had to follow her blog because her picture is of a rollercoaster.

I know, that is nine. But honestly, I could tag all the blogs I follow. I am going to do some special mentions. And if they want to grab the title, they can, because I want to see if I can guess what their truth vs lies are.

Mindi at If you are lucky enough to have been invited to read her private blog, then you will know why. Not really sure what his name is, but he actually reads my blog, and comments. Just started following this one, and honestly. He lives my life at work. Check him out.

And remember. All of you that I follow but haven't mentioned. I love to read your blogs. Please don't feel left out. :)


  1. Hmmmm I'm going to *guess* #3, I don't think you love dirt floors and no toilets...camping maybe, but not roughing it that much. :)

    Hmmm howcome my word verification word is GASIE?? LOL Are you trying to tell me something?

  2. Oh, I forgot, duh, Thanks for the award! I'll try to get it blogged about tonight.

  3. Ok, I'm a total DUMBASS, I read this wrong. I thought only one was a lie, the rest truths. So I'm changing my answer! I think the truth is #6. I think...

  4. I'm feeling the landscaping answer is the true one. Whether I'm right or not, you rock!

  5. Ok so Im gonna say 7 and maybe 4 lmao for sure 7 (= Thanks you for the award and always being sweet and suppportive on my blogs! YOU ROCK!! Itll be this evening before I can come up ith some good ones...

  6. I LOL'ed over you loving to camp! That is SO a lie! I think you would be a good landscaper but you leave that job up to dad. So gosh I'm gonna say you streaked (even though you've never told me you have!) :) Thanks for the award! I'll work on it today!

  7. Thank you *so* much for the award, Donna! This is one I haven't seen before! I will have to start working on some lies :)