Saturday, June 19, 2010

FO Sunday, Saturday Night :)

Ok, I know you are all wondering why FO Sunday is happening tonight. Well, because tomorrow is fathers day, and I have a special blog all lined up and ready to go.

F.O. , as per the Dazee Dreamer Dictionary, (adj)........ Food Orgasm

Let this weeks party begin.

Sunday's Dinner. Sweet and Sour Chicken. No, I don't make the sauce from scratch. I'm lazy. But I have found the best canned sauce. Contadina. Unfortunately, I can only find it in one of the stores around here, not the big name stores. So I buy up every can they have when I do buy it. But the flavor is to die for. I'm boring also with what I put it in. Chicken, green pepper and red pepper. There are pineapple bits in the sauce, so I don't even add more. French cut green beans finished this lovely meal. (and yes, it is slathered in pepper, leave me alone)

The second FO of the week was General Chu's Chicken and Pot Stickers from a local family run chinese restaurant here. It is called David's Kitchen. A little pricy, but so worth it. Their pot stickers are the best I have ever had, anywhere. They put so much tasty meat in it. Of course, I must slather them in the soy sauce and add as much heat as you can with the chili sauce. I'm a medium heat kind of gal. I've been known to add the heat to other chinese dishes just to heat it up. Top this meal off with a coke zero and life is good.

This was friday's lunch at work. Another fun place to go around here. Iceberg. Thick huge shakes, even tho the one pictured is a mini. MINI. It's as big as some places large. This weeks choice of shake was the ever tasty, chocolate peanut butter banana. (next time I'm trying their pomegranate acia) I got what they call the Rodeo burger. Hamburger, bacon, american cheese, a huge onion ring and it is slathered in bbq sauce. OMG. Fries and fry sauce (a Utah thing) and you are having a party in the old mouth.

Your turn. Link on up and show us the party in your mouth this week.

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