Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Trip to the Candy....errrr...Office Supply Store

As part of my job duties, I have to make trips to the office supply store. I LOVE the office supply store. To me, it's like a kid going to the candy store. Yesterday was one such trip. I needed to get labels and printer toners and such, but while I was there, I just had to take a look at things I just wanted to buy, but didn't.

I'm beginning to have a really good relationship with my phone and it's 5G camera. (even tho I've been hinting to my most wonderful, glorious, good lookin, nicest hubby in the whole world, that I would really like a nice digital camera for my birthday, hint, hint) Yes he reads my blog. Bet you couldn't tell.

Other than the fact that the employees thought I was off my rocker, here are some of the awesome things I found.

Purple stapler. I already have this stapler. It is awesome. And my favorite color
Multi colored rubber bands. I just don't like the flesh colored rubber bands. Give me color. I have these also.
Purple post it notes with a cute picture of a dog on it. Each color had a different dog on them.
Purple paper file organizer. How awesome is that purple!!
Different size containers. I took a picture of the purple, but they also came in blue, and red, and ummmm, some other color, but I see purple, I go no further.
ok, how freaking awesome are these binder clips!!!
The cutest clip board EVER!!!!!
All different color super thin sharpies. I also have these. I'm kind of OCD about using a different color pen everyday, and this helps me with my problem. :)
Yup, it's a tape dispenser.
omg, look at these scissors!
OK, I about flipped when I saw this post-it dispenser. It's only the size of the post-its. (ok, a smidge bigger, but how freaking cute)
And now you know why I love the office supply store!
oh, before I forget. The truth on my Creative Liar Award was, drumroll please, I have never been drunk. Boring huh.


  1. Wow that is some cool and cute stuff! I like looking at office supplies stores too, although I don't really need things from them because I have no office.

    Yay me, I was right. I've never been drunk either! I guess I try not to get that way, to avoid having to barf and deal with a big headache and stuff. I usually only have a drink or 2 at a time, kinda hard to get drunk that way lol. Anyways, its another thing we have in common. Cool. :)

  2. OMG I want to go shopping there!! LOL I want that purse post it and the clip board and also some of those containers..oh I could go on and on but let me just say...I am soooo jealous!!!!!

    They don't have that stuff here...dang it!! LOL

  3. Hey Dazee dear, visit my newest blog post...its special for you.

  4. I need to take a trip there......SUPER CUTE stuff! :)

  5. Ok so grab your purse, turn a round slowly and runnnnnn! Back away from the office supply store! lmao your finding too much good stuff for one haul!

  6. Hey Dazee!

    Thank you so much for visiting Me and giving Me this chance to come and look at all this cute stuff!

    I LOVE stationary. I run after gorgeous notebooks and eco-friendly paper books. They make Me so so happy- I totally know where you're coming from!

    The clips are really cute :)

    I will look out for more on you!

  7. I could spend days in an office supply store!

    I really wanted to come by and thank you for your support (I have noticed, just fail to get out into blogland much these days) :0)

    Its very appreciated and means alot!

  8. Flesh colored rubber bands are just so creepy.

  9. Have you seen my stapler?
    It's my the newer ones and it's red and...keep stealing my stapler...and its my stapler...

    sorry I had to do it!
    office space FTW

  10. I love the office supply store, too, but you my friend have outdone yourself on finding the cutest stuff ever. That brief case looking file holder is fabulous and, of course, the little post-it purse is adorable. I think I need to head over there and buy a rainbow pack of sharpies. You would be so much fun to troll the office supply store with!!!

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