Saturday, June 5, 2010

Show Me Saturday 6/5/10

WARNING: This blog today is not a pretty read.
Renee's Ramblings
Today I'm following along with Renee at Renee's Ramblings Show Me Saturday. Today her subject is UGLY. So click her cute picture above and go on over to her sight for some more ugly. Warning, her ugly is U.G.L.Y.
Hmmm, a blog about ugly. My Ugly today is child abuse. I have a real problem with this. I have extreme anger with God about this. It makes me not believe in an extreme being. How could an extreme being allow this kind of shit to happen to kids. I've had family members tell me that "we all have our free agency". I want to just say to them. F.U. A child that is being abused is not having his/her free agency, so don't give me that crap. But I digress.

Meet 4 year old Ethan Stacy. He is the cute little boy with the bruised face sitting next to a monster called his step-dad. Said step dad and his own mother, abused this poor boy and then murdered him, 2 WEEKS AFTER A F-ING JUDGE BACK EAST FORCED HIS FATHER TO SEND ETHAN TO STAY WITH HIS MOM FOR THE SUMMER, EVEN THO SHE ABANDONED HIM!!! (breathing, breathing). Not only did the stepfather murder him, he beat his face in with a hammer, and buried him in the canyons near Salt Lake. Why did he beat his face in? So they couldn't identify him IF he was found.

Meet Nathan Sloop. This is him CRYING in court. Shut up crybaby. I hope you get to share a cell with the biggest, baddest, Bubba in prison.

I want to remember little Ethan Stacy as the picture below. Cute little boy. My heart goes out to his father. We really need to change some laws in this country. Nuff said.



  1. Amen! I have a new passion for raising awareness of sex trafficking of young kids. So much so that I want to get involved someway-somehow! Maybe I'll have to do a post about it and link up to Renee's meme!

    There really are living monsters out there!

  2. I agre, child abuse is UGLY. Sick people in the world :(

  3. That absolutely makes my stomach turn over! Poor little guy! No punishment is ugly enough for that prick!

  4. Did you recently hear about the Woman in Texas? She was pissed because her hubbie was divorcing her , so 1st( she tried to kill her self in front of the children 2) THE JUDGE AWARDS HER SANE ENUF FOR A WEEKEND VISIT! So, she gets her 2 girls on her 1st visit goes to an abandon house and slits their throats!!! She calls 911 and just as calm and mattter-of-factly ''yes I just KILLED my children''!! One actually lived, but you talk about scarred for life! We need better court systems, judges, rights for children AND they need to enforce these rules! TOO many kids violated,killed and or missing!! TOO MANY );

  5. Exactly my point the MOM is not always the RIGHT parent. Boils my insides to see this!!