Thursday, June 24, 2010

Samantha and I

Today, Samantha and I are leaving on a little road trip. I know, you are searching my past blogs (you are aren't you) wondering, has Dazee talked about a personage named Samantha? Well my good friends and buddies, NO. I haven't. Why? Because Samantha is my GPS. ah shucks, you thought this was going to be a scandalous post. So sorry. But this is how I'm thinking the road trip is going to go.

I get in my car, I turn on Samantha (hey, get your minds out of the gutter). I hear her sexy Australian voice. "Please drive to your route" or some such words. Then she will get mad at me because she will have to recalculate.

We will get on the freeway, and she will ignore me. Yes, I said it. SHE....WILL.....IGNORE.....ME!!! Not to talk until some kind of exit is coming up.

NOOOOOOO, I want dialog. Dazee, how the trip going? Are you getting tired. Oh, I see you have draped a lovely necklace around me. Did you go to Jared? Is it time for a bathroom break. I'm getting hot. Are we there yet, huh, are we? How much longer? Ok, dialog just got annoying. Shut the hell up. Just speak up when it's time to take an exit. Oh and Sam, do not freaking take me the long way. I know you want to spend more time with me, but I want the shortest route. Got it. Now get to work.

I can hear you all now, you are thinking I have totally and completely lost it. Yup, I have.

To show you my love and devotion to you, I will leave you to enjoy this little Ellen moment. As you know, or if you are new here, don't know, I love Ellen. She cracks me up. And never fear my little buck-a-roo's. I might be going to a po-dunk town of approx. 800 people, but they do have internet and I will have my flip-offs ready for tomorrow.

PS: Have you been taking pictures of your FO's? I want this to be the best link up EVER on the Dazee Dreamer site. Get on it like blue bonnet. Sunday. 4 days. I know where to find you. mwaa-haa-haa.

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