Sunday, June 13, 2010

FO Sunday 6.13.10

FO Sunday is here, and in case you are new or forgot, cuz I know some of you are older and forget (wink, wink) here is the definition.

F.O. , as per the Dazee Dreamer Dictionary, (adj)........ Food Orgasm

So if you want to play along, link up at the bottom so we can all see what caused the party in your mouth this past week.

We start off today with the classic home grown tomato sandwich on toasted bread, a little bit of mayo and of course said tomato. As much salt and pepper as you like and voila. This didn't have a party in my mouth but in the mouth of my good friend Natasha who promises me the next time her and I get together she will make me one. (of course, she doesn't have a blog, YET, so she couldn't just link up)

The first FO I experienced this week was a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and fries from a local hamburger joint. Yeah, I said Jr. It is huge! The regular size is even bigger. Of course, being a Utahn I had to have fry sauce (and yes, that is specks of pepper in it, I also add pepper to my ketchup, what ya gonna do about it). Can you say PAR-TEE!!!

The last FO of the week was this nummy sandwich. It's from another local restaurant here, called The Soup Kitchen. Funny story, when I went and bought it and took it back to work, my son said, "it really isn't like the soup kitchen that the homeless people go to, is it?" lol. Nope, they just make the nummiest homemade soup and sandwiches. This one is called the SKS, which stands for soup kitchen special. Turkey, american cheese, swiss cheese, tomato, bacon, shredded lettuce, sprouts, and a smidge of mayo. Clam chowder soup is to die for. They also give you some homemade bread sticks but I just used my sandwich to dunk in my soup. Of course, they had this great looking cookies, so it jumped on my tray, and so, snickerdoodle for dessert.

There you have it. Made ya hungry, didn't I.
Now, come on. Don't be shy. Link on up. (or I will have to hunt you down!!!)

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