Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just A Day In My Work Life

Because I am the only "woman" that works here, I'm relegated to answer the phones. I have told the guys here, over and over and over, "if I don't answer the phone by the 2nd ring, it means I can't get to the phone". Yup, they do such a good job of it. NOT. I'll be doing my duty in the restroom and it is ringing away. Or in the fax room. Ring, ring. See certain people sitting at their desks, IGNORING the ringing. And speaking of ignoring, ummm, could you dipwads please answer your phone when I page your name. I know you are at your desk. QUIT FREAKING IGNORING ME!!!
Some people totally march to the tune of a different drummer. You gotta love the customers that feel like that just "have to be different" and park the other way of the others. The evil bitch in me always hopes that one of the customers they are parked behind gets so pissed off that they ram into them. (hey, a girl needs a little excitement, right?)

Today I places a purchase order for some fine plumbing materials. I work my lightning fast fingers to the bone inputting the items. Push the little button on my computer that faxes it, and off it goes. Phone rings, vendor says, "there's an item on your P.O. that I don't think you meant to order". Great, I know that if I ordered the amount that I ordered that I can't wait till the next PO to pick it up. There is my garbage can. Yup, had to dig through all the papers in there to get to the paperwork for said PO. And it was one of the first PO's I did this morning. Thank god it was my garbage and not one of the sick and wrong garbages that the gross boys use.

(Artist Rendition, ok I drew it)
We have a outside salesman that works here. I asked him today if I could take his picture for my blog. He declined. Was afraid I was going to make fun of him. So to protect the innocent, we will call him "smiley". Smiley is always wearing his glasses on his forehead. These are his regular glasses, not sunglasses. Don't know if he has a hidden set of eyes or what, but I think it is freaking hilarious. First of all, it would drive me absolutely nutsoid to walk around with my glasses on my forehead. I understand them on the top of your head, or on a chain around your neck. But your forehead? Please explain this one to me. Do you see people like this?


  1. Haha sounds like you love your job working with a bunch of men. Not. Do you at least have your own bathroom to use there? I hope so.

    I don't think I'd like sunglasses on my forehead...kinda odd. Maybe they were on his head and fall down? Does he have a sloped head? Nice drawing btw. :)

    I think this work day calls for a treat on the way home...donut, cupcake, stiff drink?

  2. lol. funny you would mention my own bathroom. Yes, I do. with a deadbolt lock on it. After finding one too many "things and such" floating around in the toilet, I told the manager, it's a key locked door, or I'm out of here.

    And they are his regular glasses. I think I will go fix my post to reflect that.

  3. The words Dipwads and Nutsoid made me laugh out loud! Very nice drawing of him! :)

  4. No way could I work with a bunch of men. I would have to smack them around. LOL