Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss L

Today Miss L turns 8 years old. She is my oldest grandchild. Let me tell you about her.

In the year 2001, I think it was in early November, we found out that her mom was pregnant. Then a week before Thanksgiving, the company I had worked for for 23 years, "laid me off" Hahaha, joke of the century. They fired me. I made too much money for the company that bought them out. Buyouts suck rocks. Just sayin. Needless to say, Thanksgiving sucked. But I got hired by a "competitor" soon after Thanksgiving and have been there ever since.

Moving on, watching my daughters stomach grow. 2002 brought the Winter Olympics to Salt Lake. That was fun. I bought my daughter her first maternity pants, as she was getting uncomfortable and that was the day that the torch was being run through our city. Little Miss L was there, but not born.

Going into July, I was hoping she would be born on my birthday. Nope, wasn't to be. Mom was going to be induced on the 9th. Called the hospital, oh we are too busy. Call back later. Nope. My daughter got depressed. Took castor oil. Didn't do anything. Doctor made another "appointment" to induce on the 11th. This time they said come on up. 6 hours after being induced, little Miss L was born. It was just my daughter and her husband in the room. We were sitting in the waiting room right by the nurses station. All of the sudden we hear, we need to get an operating room ready and a crosstype and match. I've watched enough hospital shows to know this is not good. I also know that my daughter is the only one that is giving birth at the time. I'm starting to freak out. Doctor finally comes down and says, your daughter is hemorraging and we are heading in to do a D&C. I asked if I could go to the room. Walked in, blood all over the floor, son-in-law holding little Miss L, both mom and dad were pale. Mom from blood loss, dad from seeing blood. Dad wanting to comfort his wife. I took Miss L in my arms. Bonding began at that moment.

What a joy this little girl is. She came at a time in my life that I really needed someone special in my life. She was always such a good little baby. Nowadays we have "conversations", and she will draw pictures of me, always with curly red hair and skinny, even tho I am anything but.

Grandkids are such a sweet gift. Happy birthday Miss L.

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