Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm a GoonBall

First of all, I really want to look like this. Skinny, and cute, and of course, look at the purple. Its speaks me doesn't it? I took one of those "which deadly sins are you" on FB and this is the one it said I was. hahahaha, Vanity, me. As if. But this is the hot me. Quit laughing, that's just rude.

This would be me. Except, ummmm, gray hair is colored over in a red that is awesome to go along with my fun and exciting personality. (I hear snickering, you're hurting my feel-bads).
But, alas, this post isn't about how awesomely cute I am. It's about me being a goonball. What is a goonball. You see, I'm kinda weird. And I love to throw puns around. And not be too serious, cuz thats just boring. Even tho I throw in a serious blog once in a while, to the hatred of some, you know who you are, I generally like to make people laugh, or at least smile.
Let me give you some examples of goonballiage. When I go to the gas station, I have to go to the same pump every time. When I was a church going girl, I would always have to sit in the same pew. When I go to the bank for work, I have to go to the same teller. And if they try to sic a new person on me, I just am not a happy camper. And if one of my favorite tellers leaves for another job, trouble, I tell ya. I actually told one of the girls the other day, she was never allowed to leave. OMG, I just realized something. I'm not a goonball, I have a little bit of OCD going. Dazee, are you afraid of change? hmmmm, must be. And all because I stopped to get gas this morning.
I'll stick with the goonball adage. Watch out for me. I'm a wild and crazy girl!!!! (I know you just heard Steve Martins voice, don't lie, I can see it on your face)

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