Monday, July 12, 2010

A Little Convo & A Lot Of Love

Little Miss A. She is 2-1/2. Remember when I posted about her saying there were fishies in my waterbed. Sunday morning her and I had another little conversation.

The kids had a sleepover Saturday night. I don't get the best rest that night, but it's so worth it because my grandkids are awesome. I went in and made my bed Sunday morning. It looked so inviting that I laid down for a minute. Miss A came in the room and asked if she could lay down with me. Of course, who is going to turn down that cute little face. She lays down next to me and the conversation goes something like this.

Is there water in your bed grammie?
Yes there is.
How come?
Because that's what I like in my bed.
But we can't jump on it huh.
That's right.
How come? (don't ya just love all the how comes little kids come up with)
Because you will break it open.
And it will turn into a hot tub?
(omg, a hot tub, what the?)
Yeah, kind of. Do you like hot tubs?
Her family goes over to my youngest son's townhouse to swim. She loves to spend time in the hot tub. So just so you know, I have a waterbed that has fishies and dolphins in it, but don't jump on it or it will turn into a hot tub.

My husband always gets to sleep in a different room when the kids have a sleepover. Therefore he gets a good nights rest. He knew I was really tired so he told me he was going to cook me some dinner and even do the dishes. First of all, he is so awesome. Every time I make a Sunday dinner, he will do the dishes. Have I mentioned before he is awesome!!! He decided we were going to have taco salads. Here he is cooking up the hamburger and chili. Yeah, he loves his picture taken. You can tell, huh. :) And he's got a nice tan/sunburn going on his face due to the landscaping he is doing on our yard.
Here is the finished product. Hamburger, chili, lettuce taco seasoning mix, sour cream, shredded medium cheese, some leftover guacamole we had yesterday, and salsa. Throw in some plain dorito type chips, and voila. Yes it was an FO. And yes, it's in the good ole 80's tupperware bowl. Stop that laughing.

Throw in a glass of Arizona Sweet Tea, Southern Style and I was in heaven.
It's the little things that show a lot of love.

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