Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Heat vs Dazee

Aaahhh, summertime. I love it for the daylight hours. Of driving to work in the daylight and driving home in the daylight. I love being able to bask in the glory of the evenings.

But I hate dislike the heat. A lot. I know that this song is really the theme song of summertime for Mother Nature. I can see her now, laughing her butt off. (Que wicked witch of the west laugh.)

I was looking through google images last night, and imagine my surprise when I found a picture of myself. What the? Who snuck into my house and caught a picture of me.

Perfect rendition, don't you think. oh, except for my slippers are flip flop slippers. Surprising huh, me having flip flop slippers. :)

Dazee's helpful hint for the a hot, summer days. Paper Plates make really good fans.