Saturday, July 31, 2010

Show Me Saturday - Childhood Toys

Renee's Ramblings

My good friend Renee at Renee's Ramblings is having her Show Me Saturday about Childhood Toys today. I was so excited to link up with her. Click on her cute little button and go check her out or link up yourself.

I went looking for pictures in google. One, because we all know that I love the pictures, but also, because I really wanted to see my favorite things when I was a kid.

When I was a kid, we didn't have video games, cell phones, only 3 channels on the tv and they were in black and white. We had to find things to do. We had great times. I feel sorry for kids nowadays, they just don't know fun. Anykidthing, I would spend hours playing jacks. Of course, we used golf balls. Not the stupid little red ball that came with them. We needed more bounce for our buck. I have to say, I was a pretty good jacks player.

This one was kind of hard to find. Not that roller skates themselves were hard to find, but 60's roller skates. Mine also didn't have those schnazie red shoe laces, but that would have rocked. I LOVED to roller skate. I remember when I got my first "shoe skates". Oh my. Could life have gotten any better. We had an awesome kidney shaped cement patio in the back. I would be out there for hours rollerskating. I wanted to be just like Peggy Fleming (yeah, so?) except on roller skates. I would even put things on the ground to teach myself how to "jump" over them. haha.

OMG. My heart started racing when I found this picture of Baby First Step. Santa brought me her one year. I can't even remember what year, but you know, when you finally see an old friend again, you get all twitterpated. I kept her skates on at all times. She was just like me, a roller skater. We were going to be professional someday.
Oh to be a kid again. Not a kid of this generation, but one where you found fun stuff to do, and were outside in the summertime from dawn until dusk. Oh the memories. (insert picture of me here with the longing to be a kid again look on my face.....)
Renee, thanks for having this linky today. It really brought back some fun things in my life.