Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday Flip-Off's 7.30.10

Friday, friday, bo-bidee, banana-fana-fo-fidee, me-my-mo-midee, Friday. Here it is again. Love this day. Once again, shouting out to Gigi at for this chance to clear my head.

Dear Chevron Gas Station by my house. You know, if your pumps aren't working, put a little note on them. Or those cute little sack things you put over the gas pump nozzles. I saw you 2 walking in, busting a gut. Probably making fun of us poor saps. You made hubby try one pump and then drive to another one. He got mad. Ok. I don't like hubby mad. I finally pushed the "talk to cashier" button, and oh, laugh, laugh, the pumps aren't working. Yeah, well, take my first flip off of the week and pump it.........................

To the makers of the plastic that seems to have to surround every freaking thing that we buy anymore. What the hell. Do you have to make it so hard to get said plastic off the damn item. Oh, and this was just a measuring tape. I know that they probably have legs and are walking out of the store, but really, either, put some kind of instruction on the best way to open without having to go to the hospital for stitches, or have an "open here" like on string cheese. Until then, take you hard plastic, wrap yourself in it, and take this............................

Now for my beloved double flip of the week.

To the Inguinal Hernia that decided my cousin Michelle's little girl just hasn't had enough going wrong with her little 6 year old body this year. You suck. You made little Miss A have to go through yet another surgery.

Little Miss A, got really sick in March. Started turning yellow. Went in and had tests. Her liver was failing. She was put on high priority for a transplant. Mom and dad got checked to see if they could donate. For some reason, neither of her parents could donate. They started asking friends on facebook if they could help. Luckily, some wonderful person had put on his drivers license that he was a donor, and his liver became available, in just the nic of time. Here is a picture of her cute little body after the surgery.

What a brave, brave girl. So, hernia, I hope you are happy now since she had to have surgery yesterday. I hope you are all cozy being locked away where you belong. So here you go, take the double flip, and stick it.!

Time for my big kiss of the week. I am awarding it to my cousin Michelle, and little Miss A. For being troopers through this whole process. I for one, know that I wouldn't have been as strong as either of them. This time she didn't want to have the surgery. The following is what her mom posted on facebook yesterday.
Miss A's surgery finally got started at 11:00 (instead of 10). She was so scared this time and was crying. She said, "I'm really gonna miss you when I'm asleep." I was holding her hand while they put on the anesthesia mask, and when she started to slip into sleep she waved goodbye to me. How sweet is that?

Yes Miss A. You are sweet, and so is your mom. For both of you being so brave and strong, with heartfelt emotion, I give you the Big Kiss Award.

As awful as death is, remember, if you are a donor, you can save the life of someone like Miss A.