Saturday, July 10, 2010

More About Me

Vanita from The After Bedtime Blog, awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks Vanita, but now I have to come up with even more stuff you don't already know about me. hmmmmm.

Where do I begin, to tell the story of, wait, where was I going. I'm not supposed to sing the song from "Love Story". Even tho, I freaking cried my eyes out when I saw that movie. But I digress.

When I started working on this post this morning, I was having a hard time coming up with 7 things to tell you about myself. I got to the first thing, and had such a good mother bear story to tell that I'm only going to tell you 1 thing that you don't know about me. And, I love each and every one of you that is following me, so you all grab on to the Versatile Blogger Award and enjoy. Do it, right this minute.

1. I need help not becoming a mom that embarrasses her kids when she is in public with them. I know I'm not as bad as my mom, but please sent me tips on "keeping my thoughts to myself". I will stick up for me or my kids, but yikes, my mom went way overboard the other day. When we got to the checkout line, the cashier INNOCENTLY asked if we had "found everything we were looking for". Mom totally went off and said, "I hate when people ask that question. If I can't find something, I will ask someone for help". Poor cashier, I was totally trying to smooth things over on that one. Which made me remember the trip with my oldest son to Wells Fargo Bank. Yes, I'm naming them. I will never bank from them. All because of the following.
When my son was 15 he got a job at the high school as a "cleaner". It made me proud that he would even do that. First of all, those poor kids only get paid once a month. And they get paid a month behind. So if they worked the month of June, they wouldn't get paid until the end of July or the first of August. Understand. Ok. On with the story.
He FINALLY got his first paycheck. He didn't have a checking account so we took him to the bank that the check was drawn on. He went in and came back out, empty handed. WTF!!!! He said, I don't have 2 forms of ID, they won't cash my check. All he had was his high school ID card. OMG, I was sooooo pissed. I said, we are going back in. The look on his face was, oh no, but he went anyway. We stand in the little line for the next available teller. Get up there and I say, "why won't you cash his check?" We need 2 forms of ID ma'am. I said, he's 15, he isn't even able to drive, all he has is his high school ID. "I'm sorry ma'am, but that is the rules". Bitch.
By this time, I'm soooo pissed the steam is coming out of the top of my head. I start yelling. Oh really, do I need to go home and get his birth certificate. Here, take this ID, my drivers license, oh that not good enough for you, how about my library card, how about this charge card. Oh they all have my last name on them, are they not good enough for you? What do you want, some of my blood? "Ma'am, we really can't take any of these, he needs his own". Holy shit. I was pissed. And actually, I was beginning to think that maybe the cops were going to show up anytime. Yes, I was causing that much of a stink. So I grabbed my son, told him we were getting the HELL out of this bank, and that we would never, ever do business at your f-ing bank, and we will tell everyone we know to not do business with you either. Oh, the best part. As I was storming out of the bank, yes, you read that right, storming, I'm screaming to all the people standing in line that they better have their stinking 2 FORMS OF ID READY!!!!!, then I grabbed the door, swung it open as hard as I could, listened to it slam against the wall. I'm surprised it didn't shatter. And again, was waiting for security or the cops to show up.
There was a man in the church that I went to, that was actually the Vice President of something in that damn bank. Not that branch, but the whole f-ing thing. I told him what I thought about his bank and what he could do with it. Silly me, I've never thought men should be any better than me, a woman. He was shocked. Actually told me they should have cashed his check. Too bad, so sad, not going back I told him.
Yes, the mother bear came out that day and showed her ugly head. Good thing I don't lose it like that all the time, but don't ever, ever, ever do something to my kids or grandkids. You will hear about it.

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