Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Work Rants

Men at Work, are dumb. Not the group, the dumb guys I work with.

Dear outside sales dude, I like flip flops. Everyone knows I do. Don't make fun of the noise they make. By the way, OUTSIDE SALES, mean, you are never in the office. How come you are always in the office. Please take your flip flop comments and go call on customers. Wow, imagine that, outside sales, calling on customers. What a concept.

Dear dude that sits outside my office. If you want to get season tickets to a college football team, don't have your wife call. Yup, she didn't tell them right, and now your seats are on row 49 of 50, or was it 59 of 60, because all she heard was "50 yard line". Also, IF you have her call, don't come in my office all day long and tell me how pissed off you are at her. It's your fault, not hers. And also, I'm getting tired of hearing you tell, EVERYONE THAT COMES IN TO TALK TO YOU HOW PISSED OFF YOU ARE. No wonder I told you that it was your fault. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it. If I want to make sure a phone call is done right, I will make it myself. Seems to me that season football tickets is something you would want to make sure was ordered right. Just sayin.

Also, same dude, I'm glad that your wife is potty training your 3 year old boy. Accidents will happen. Especially if it is only day 4 of the training. If your wife is going to go grocery shopping, maybe you guys should invest in some pull-ups. When you said, "I told her to make him sit in his pee, maybe he will learn not to wet his pants at the store", I wanted to slam your head against the wall. I know some people don't believe in pull-ups, but really, if you are under a week in the training, and not going to take the kid to the bathroom every 10 minutes you are gone, put them on the poor kid. You are bugging me.

I try not to rant about my fellow employees. But sometimes, if I don't get it off my chest, I will explode. And that won't be a pretty sight.

Can you imagine working with this guy. How drunk do you have to be to do that to your hair? But if you are going to do it right, at least dye the "man" a different color. Then it will make more of an impact.

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  1. Yes, actually it's healthy to let it all out your thoughts, it's really hard to keep all of it to yourself, especially when you're pissed of, let it all out, let it all go, it would make you feel better, good thing for you is, you're saying all your rants through blogging.
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