Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are You Freaking Kidding Me????????

Ok, ladies and gents, please watch the commercial for the lovely product NuvaRing. Then, I will break it down, piece by everloving piece. Go ahead, I will sing amongst myself while you watch........The phone, the phone is ringing........ Wonder Pets, wonder Pets, we're on our way...

......... alrighty then, are you done? Really, you have to watch it first. If not, you won't understand what we will be discussing. Oh, and Yes, I watch Wonder Pets, what ya going to do about it, and NO, this is in no way a paid review by me. This is my biased opinion. My truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me NuvaRing.

Ummm, have you ever been sitting with your friends when the NuvaRing commercial comes on. "oooh, I love this commercial, and then becomes sing along suzie". WTF, are you kidding me. I think when I do see this commercial, the words that come out of my mouth are, omg, you are a freaking weirdo.

Ok, long hair NR wearer lady. "would you guys ever try nuvaring". "what is it?" "its a monthly vaginal birth control ring that....", god, who cares!!!!! Ladies, do you all sit around and even freaking talk that way. I'm thinking the conversation would go more like, "hey, I just got on that new birth control, nuvaring." Here is my favorite line of the whole commercial. curly hair girl says, "don't you have to.....dramatic pause....put it in". um, okey doke. tampons anyone? I use the OB ones where they don't even have the little applicator cuz I'm a big girl and I'm ok with touching myself. geez. Talk, Talk, Talk. And then curly hair girl again....."here are the risks" All talking stops. They watch that part of the commercial. uh huh, like that happens when we are talking. "so you trust it, maybe I should ask my doctor about it", NuvaRing wearer then punches her in the arm. "Sure".

Do you ever wonder how many "takes" it took to do this commercial. I can just imagine me, my daughter, and my cousin, trying to do this commercial. Too much laughter would insue. Tears streaming down our faces. Hell, we couldn't even get my cousins hair colored without turning it into a laughathon.

I would like to be in on some of these planning sessions for some of these commercials. I can just see myself, hitting my forehead, falling over in my chair, throwing out the "are you f@#$ing kidding me". (hey, some of my family reads my blog, have to tone down my language). Then they would fire me, but you all wouldn't have to watch stupid dumb WTF commercials. You would thank me, I know you would.

Now just remember, I WAS NOT PAID to review this commercial. I don't want them coming after me and taking my blogging priviledges away. Thank you youtube for having it to download.

If you have anymore commercials that you would like me to disect, let me know.

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