Sunday, July 4, 2010

Some People Just Suck!!!!!

I have a huge bone to pick. And I bet you can't tell what it's about. Yup, monkeys flipping me off. hahaha. gotcha.

People that can't stand to see someone else having a good time. Especially if that good time does NOT include them. My cousin has left and gone home. I miss her already. I miss staying up late and giggling like schoolgirls. I miss our heart to heart conversations. Nope, the bone is not about her having to go home.

The bone to pick is about jealousy. We shall call the jealous one boohoo. I planned to have my dear cousin come to my house while her husband and boys were on a week long river trip with most the members of his family. Ok, most male members of the family. While she was down here she called boohoo, a female member of the family and told her she was in town. Boohoo wasn't answering her phone so a message was left for her to call my cell phone since her cell phone has lovely roaming charges. A day later, boohoo calls my phone and leaves a message saying, "when cousin is done having fun with you, have her call me". First of all, we won't NOT be having fun, so I guess she won't be calling. hahaha, kidding, geez.

Sorry, jealousy part again. I tell cousin to give her a call. First time she calls, boohoo says, I'm busy, I can't talk right now. Hangs up. Freaking hangs up. Cousin waits all the next day for her to call back. She doesn't so cousin calls her again. Again, she's busy, can't talk. Alrighty then. I guess she doesn't want to talk. Later, cousin posts on the Devil that is called Facebook that she is having a blast hanging with me and my daughter. One of her friends comments, how long you here for, it would be fun to see you. Cousin replies that this time is full of family, and Boohoo comments "When she says family, she means just her cousin! I am her sissy and I have yet to see Miss Cousin and she has been here a whole week already!"

Sidebar: Quotes equals copied and pasted and only changed the name to Miss Cousin to protect the innocent.

Umm, ok. Seems to me someone has tried to call you twice and you just didn't have the time to talk. Maybe if you had, you could have seen her. Not to mention, when her hubby got down here, you were again too busy to even go to your parents house and see her then. So shut up! You upset my cousin. Me and my daughter can track you down and hurt you. Got it. DON'T UPSET MY COUSIN!!!!!!!

I'm not the type that gets jealous if someone is hanging out with someone else. I figure everyone has their time together. Life is too short. There is a time I will hang out with you, OR you, OR you. And sometimes all 3 of you at the same time. But if you AND you are hanging out, I'm not going to be jealous. One of my siblings gets jealous if I happen to be hanging out with other siblings. Just if I'M hanging out. I'm not liked by said sibling. I can live with it. It makes me hurt worse when my other sibs can't say I'm with them or else they will be on the shit list. Like I said, life is too short. Get over it. I will get told that that's not true, but I know it is. I accepted it a long time ago. And please, don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm not that stupid or delusional. Ok? Thanks

Oh, and it's the 4th of July today. I was due 53 years ago today. But I wasn't quite ready to join this crazy world, so I waited 3 more days. Happy Birthday America. May your days be merry and bright. Wait, wrong holiday.

I think if I could post this sign, I would get really rich. Whatcha think?

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