Wednesday, November 3, 2010

.... B R E A K I N G ..... N E W S .....

This Just In
Gather round class.  I have a very important news.  As it turns out, there is justice in the world.  Upon getting in my car this morning and driving to work, I was privy to the following.
Took the right turn lane, light was green, proceeded to signal my way to the left lane.  OUT OF NOWHERE, there was a truck behind me, riding my butt.   I was going 10 over the speed limit as it was.  Up ahead, in the other 2 lanes, the cars were going just as fast as me.  The three of us, driving along.  Butt rider, got a little bit pissed at me, headed to the next lane.  Dang, that car isn't going any faster than me.  Warning message comes on, "PREPARE TO STOP".  I know I have time to get through the light.  Butt rider, not to be outdone, SWINGS around in the SLOW lane, and speeds to get through the light. 
And then, it happened.  I see one of our cities finest.  Drives past my little speeding car, gets behind butt rider, and whamo, flips on his, PULL ON OVER DUDE lights.!!!   hahahahahahaha
I laughed all the way to work. 
For all those times you wonder, "where is the cop when you need them",
Oh, and have a great day!