Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Then What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear

Twas the day before yesterday and all through the store
There were creatures all stirring, with great things galore
Around the one corner, I spied in a flash
Something ever so lovely, I ran a fast dash
The packages were nestled, rising up to the sky
When I saw it was purple, I almost did die.
 A crockpot in the fa-vo-rite color of mine
To cook up nice dinners and goodies divine.

When on to the cookie aisle there arose such a clatter
I ran up the aisle to see what was the matter
To the Oreo department I stared with delight
Candy Cane flavored Oreos, oh my, such a plight

The dew on the coolers, pulled them to me like snow
Coffee Mate department, Coconut Cream was my goal
But what to my wondering eyes should appear
White Chocolate Carmel Latte, oh dear my, oh dear

 I knew then I needed to get out of there, quick
But the creamer and cookies came with me, lucky chick
The Crockpot it didn't make into my bass-ket
But Santa, I might just have to sweetly ask-for-it.
I know that my rhyming sometimes is just lame
You can't wait till it's over, you won't be the same.
As I end this sad tale and go to bed for the night
Happy Wednesday to you, please don't get in a fight.