Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 11.14.10

I found this cool blog that I started to follow.  It is called  Ramblings and Photos.  Every Sunday she gives you 5 topics to take pictures of and then you link on up.  Disclaimer, I am not the professional photographer that most of you are, but I do enjoy my camera and shooting pictures.  So I'm linking up.

Just me and my tats.  Need I say more.

2.Handmade (November 2010 Photo Hunt)

The other day, I went to the bank and followed this gentlemen in the door.  I was intrigued by his beard.  He went in to talk to the manager of the bank.  I did my banking duties, talked to the tellers and asked them if they thought he would let me take his photo.  Then I asked them if they thought I was brave enough to do it.  They all agreed that I was, so when the manager came out to take a copy at the copy machine, I went into the office and asked if I could take his pictures for my blog.  He was sooo gracious and nice and said yes.  His wife on the other hand, thought I was a goon, but he assured her that I wasn't the first to ask.  Anycoolbeard, it is 16" long and I loved how he had colored the mustache and sides of the beard a reddish/brown color and the rest was the white.
3.Orange (November 2010 Photo Hunt)

Seems like there is always road construction going on.  I thought this was a perfect orange picture. 

This candle is on our fireplace mantle. 

5.Traffic Signals or Signs

One of the "warning" lights that goes on when the light is going to change.  Also the same exact spot that the dude got in trouble with the cop the day I was overcome with joy.
If you want to play along next week here are subjects
1.The View Above
2.Something Hot
3.Something Cold