Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Twilight Zone - Turkey Bowl

Imagine if you will the Store 3 Team.  Young men with the average age of 26.  If you didn't read about the challenge, read it here

They are going against the Store 4 Team, average age 40
Store 3 team "cheated" and tied their flags to their clothes.  Unfair advantage, penalty 15 yards. 

Store 4 opening quarterback was a little on the slow side
And was always getting "tackled".  Time for new quarterback.

Thing about younger guys, they never watch the older guys.  3 touchdowns scored by older guys.  woot-woot

Young team feeling mighty dumb
Old guys win the game!!!!  

Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate it.
Happy Thursday to those that don't. :)

And to all of you having Turkey Bowl games today.  Remember, it's call FLAG FOOTBALL.  Be safe and prosper.