Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear ..............,


(until I figure out how to make this button work right, in other words HELP ME, you will just have to save the picture and upload it on your blog)

First of all, Thanks to my good friend Chana at Mamma Town for the awesome picture she is letting me use for my button.  She is an amazing photographer.  

 I'm going to be starting a little link-along.  It's going to be called

It's like your flip off Friday but we aren't flipping anyone off.  You can either thank someone or send them a "Dear John" type of note.  I hope that this makes sense.  I'm going to run it every Tuesday.  You can either link up or not.  I'm finding that people aren't liking my links very much, but it's just going to be a way for me to get some things off my chest, in letter form. 

And now, for my first ever Dear......

Dear Boobs.  Please stop getting in the way of the food that falls while trying to go into my mouth.

Dear dude in the fax room.  Please do not fart a flagrant fart right before I enter the room and then proceed to talk to me.  Hard to gag when you are in the room.

 Dear phone guy calling in.  When someone asks "if you have been helped",  please do not answer with "Trent"
Dear Blogger.  Why in the hell can I not STOP FOLLOWING someone.
Dear Toilet Paper Makers.  Please start making your toilet paper "fingers poking through" resistant.
Dear Dazee.   When cutting your nails, please file the jagged corners down.  (see Dear Toilet Paper Makers)
  Dear Sun.  Thank you so much for shining on the car right outside my office window just so.  Because you were so kind to me, I am now blinded and seeing spots. 
 That was fun.  I will be saving up some new ones for next week.