Monday, November 1, 2010

Lets See Chick-A-Dees

The votes have been counted, and because of you, my awesome readers, little ole me has won the tattoo challenge done by A Daft Scots Lass.  Give yourselves a hand for helping a mid-life crisis lady the win.  

Mama P, at Keeper of the Penguins has awarded me the Veratile Blogger Award.

Thanks Mama P. 
Here's the rules
Thank the Awarder.  check
Tell 7 things about yourself. 
Due to the fact that I am in the process of doing 30 days of things about myself, I will count those my seven.  Yeah, that sounds good. 
Award to 15 bloggers.  Since I've done so well about following the rules, I'm going to pick a few that I have never given an award to but deserve a huge shout out
First recipient is Amey from Does This Donut Make My Butt Look Big  She is one of the few that was brave enough to link up to my bedhead challenge.  You other wusses, I'm so upset.
Chana at Mamma Town,  Can I just say, I love this girl.  She is the one who has let me use her photography for my header.  She also is helping me with a few more little ditties to be shown later.
Pumpkin and Piglet.  If I'm ever in the UK, she said I can come stay with her.  I'm saving my money.
Nolie at Nolie's Place.  I started following her blog because it was purple and had butterflies.  I know, I'm a wack job.  But now I just love reading her and she is a hoot. 
There you have it.  I know, far from 15, but some people that you really should check out.