Thursday, November 18, 2010

Law & Order - SHU

At Dazee's place of employment, crazy things are considered especially funny.  In Salt Lake City, the dedicated employees who investigate these crazy antics are members of an elite group, known as the Strange Happenings Unit.  This is their story.
 Store 3 boys challenge Store 4 boys (store that I work at) to a Flag Football Game
Saturday, November 20th
Store 4 boys have all been "trying out" for QB.  Much football throwing in the warehouse. 
Wednesday, November 17th
9:00 AM
 Mr. Dispatch says, "has anyone seen the football?"
Much looking ensues.  Yeah, lots of work getting done.
Manager of the store receives Ransom Note via email.
If you want to see your pig skin again  ‏
You better bring lunch Saturday.
Or we will cut him.

What The!!!!
They send pictures of Mr. Pigskin

Stupid, stupid kidnappers, don't you know you should be wearing masks.

Oh geez guys, all of you?  Do you not watch any Law and Order shows?  You have been outed.

Store 4
Thursday November 18th
10:00 AM
Transfer is done to Store 3 requesting the return on Mr. Pigskin
Transfer driver arrives at Store 4
This is what arrives.
Mr. Pigskin is suffocating!!!!!!

 Please release me, let me go.....

Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode.
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