Saturday, November 6, 2010

Field Trip - Motorcycle Shop

 Time for another field trip class.  We are going into the seedy underground of motorcycles.  Who am I kidding.  There is nothing seedy about them.  They are awesome.  I had a boyfriend in high school that had a motorcycle.  Looking back, he was a complete dork, but man, did I like the ride. (motorcycle, get your heads out of the gutter, I was a good religious girl in high school)
Grab your permission slips and lets get on the bus. 
Here we are at
Dazee's Motorcycle Shop
(all images thanks to Google)
 Our first bike is a special order item for the guitar lovers.  You can order it in any color you would like.  Me, I would take a purple one please.  I know, you are shocked.

 We are now headed into the "animal" section of the shop.  We have this lovely bull, it would make you feel all tuff.  And definitely tell the world you won't take any crap

And then we have one that I'm sure all of you are just going to run out and buy.  WTH, I can't believe this one was really made.  I cropped out the poor dudes face as to save him the shame.  I guess this little piggy is going to market.
Moving on we have the ever ferocious tiger.  I don't know, but I think I would have had it a little bit "bigger" and a cool color.  I mean really, if you are going to be driving down the road on a different looking bike, announce it to the world.  Wouldn't it be cool if its motorcycle sound sounded more like a roar?

 We are moving on to the ummm, ok, department.  We have the dude that apparently loves the hamburgers.  I think I would be in a constant state of hunger on this bike. 

This bike, I had to throw in there just for the WTH dude factor.  I'm thinking that your arms and hands must just go numb.  Heck my hands go numb on a regular car steering wheel.  Either that, or he is used to the "hands in the air" position.  What, just sayin.

For all you that grew up riding a unicycle, here is the bike for you.  Other than it being a ugly orange color, I would think it would be scary to drive on the freeway.  "look ma, no hands"  

We now have the one for all of you that need a little ride along seat. Here is a fine look.  I do want the passenger to be wearing all kinds of hippie gear tho.  That style VW bus just screams kumbaya to me.
Ending up our little field trip today, we have the "go anywhere, anytime" bike.  For those that are into a cross country trip on your bike, this is the one for you.  (insert, Born to be Wild song here)

 Do you think it has a toilet in there?
That was an amazing field trip.  Hope you all learned something useful.
Until next trip